Goclean is a company located in Toronto that makes silicone-free, plant-based, biodegradable car detailing products.  Our products are not only designed to give amazing results, but they also help maintain and protect the various surfaces of your car over time.

We are car enthusiasts first and business owners second. We all share the same passion for cars and love for automotive culture. That is why we made products that we would use on our own cars and made them available for everybody.

Our motto is “Members of the Universe” and we feel that we all have a bigger role to play to help our planet and the people within it. This is why we donate 21 days of clean drinking water to someone in need for every bottle sold.

We are honoured to be an official sponsor for the IMPORTEXPO x CLEAN CULTURE event in Toronto, to showcase our products, give people the chance to get familiar with our brand, give away some special gifts as well as let people try out our products.

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