Variety has never been a bad thing, and it certainly wasn’t lacking at last week’s import exposition. Hosted by the Import Expo, Atlantic City was mobbed with the best of the East Coast and Canada. From Vic Morales and his tilted Brz, to Crazy Willy’s sr20det swapped ’68 Fairlady; whatever your fancy, it was there.

If you’re like most of us in the car game, performance as well as cosmetics is a big deal. Now there are always those of us who take sides, and if you have been on the forums lately it’s getting pretty cut-thought.  It’s becoming a struggle just to ask about a wheel offset.  It seems everyone has an opinion about something “Why ruin a perfectly good sports car by lowering it until its undriveable?” or, “Yes your car maybe fast, but it looks stock.” We all share a common goal, but with a different perspective.  If we all had the same idea of what was cool and automotive acceptable, there would be no need for an exposition like this.  Maybe like the owner of this this beautifully boosted blue e46 M3 you have the time, patience, and the funds to have and achieve the best of both worlds.

Trends come and go but performance is forever. Since the beginning of the automobile, men and women alike have been in an arms race to enhance the driving experience. We habitually come back to one thing, performance. There is something about dropping a gear and cornering a hard s turn that has every enthusiast chomping at the bit. It seems no matter where it is you are from, launching your car and chasing daylight is always a refreshing rush.

Granted most attending cars had some sort of height adjustment in their suspension, but there was no lack in superior functionality here. Left and right there were perfectly polished turbo spools, and intercoolers to match. If only looks could kill right? These ones could.  As if that’s not enough, there are always a few eight piston calipers laying around just to be sure that these four-wheeled predators don’t get in their own way. The fact of the matter is, you can never go wrong with more performance. Truth be told “Not every show car is a race car, but every race car is a show car.”

Why do people honestly purchase a luxury, or a sport car? Is it for heated leather seats? Is it because of a perfectly pitched exhaust note? Maybe those are factors of the equation, but that’s not what lies at the epicenter of each purchase. It’s the recognition. It’s the unspoken social status that comes with being the owner of this wildly well-built machine. If you do it for shout-outs on a common page, for fun, or just to watch people “break necks” to see you; that’s what’s at the heart of it. To some, yes maybe the static ride heights of an inch and the extravagant bag set ups are bit much; but it’s all about the shock factor. The poke, the stretch, the camber, it all comes down to who is willing to push the limits in the name of form and fitment.

So what’s the harm in pebble pushing and banging a little frame every now and again? If you were to ask the majority of the current enthusiasts, they would say “Nothing”. The outstanding evidence that the stance scene is growing and spreading like wildfire is in the pictures. Can anyone find a shot of an attendee’s car that has no sort of fitment? Not likely. Point and case, these low and slow elite are nothing short of show-stoppers. Every step you take, you have to capture a picture or examine the flawless beauty of their fitment. Seeing the best of the best in the stance game is like going to an art gallery. With every other car looking like the Mona Lisa, it will honestly leave you in awe.

The atmosphere inside the Atlantic City Convention Center was unreal, a day long battle royal between the best beasts of the north east and Canada. Between the general set up of the expo promotions such as the instagram profile, the calling cards of the vehicles who held positions, down to the quality of the cars that showed was just amazing. It doesn’t quite get better than that.

The continuous compilation of form and function is growing with each passing moment, and to be able to call upon so many true enthusiasts on one given day is amazing in its self. It’s the people that head these shows, the sponsors, and the attendees that help to create and inspire others to join us on our path. It’s because the hours spent awake in last minute preparation, and the days off from work that build what we now know as the current car community.

(Photos: Crystal Fox | Words: Paul Garno)


Here is an awesome event that kind of went under the radar for most of us here on the west coast.  While ImportExpo is well established up in Canada, this year around they brought the house down in Atlantic City. From what I hear, the event was great.  Turnout was huge and judging by the photos and videos that surfaced online it looked like good times!

Danny Hsu was kind enough to bring us his awesome coverage so make sure you click through all the photos! Big shout out to the fellas behind ImportExpo as well as Danny for taking care of us with his awesome photos.

(Photos: Danny Hsu | Words: Phililp Awad)





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